VCSEL Market Analysis with respect to Smartphone Industry

VCSEL Market Analysis

VCSEL- The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser is a laser diode with a monolithic laser resonator which radiates the light vertically to the surface of the semiconductor chip, as opposed to edge-emitting laser diodes, where the light exits at the edge of the chip.

VCSEL is the new emerging laser trend. It has several benefits over area-emitting diodes. VCSEL is more cost-effective to manufacture in range, is easier to experiment, and is more efficient. Moreover, the VCSEL requires less electrical current to produce a given coherent power output. The VCSEL emits a slender, more nearly round beam than common aspect emitters; this makes it simpler to get the vigour from the device into an optical fiber.

VCSEL Market Analysis report shows the CAGR for OLED smartphone market is expected to be more than 23 percent in the next five years with number of smartphones using OLED forecast to touch around 600 million in 2019.

VCSEL Market Analysis in Smartphones Industry

Data Communications was the first industrial application that integrated VCSEL technology. The application focus for VCSEL technology has been on data communications for the last decade, but recently, a variety of applications have been discovered in various end markets.

It was only in 2014 that VCSELs started to make their way into high volume consumer smartphones. After that in 2017 Apple has launched VCSEL technology in consumer applications by introducing iPhone X which provides 3D sensing and ranging applications that are based exclusively on VCSEL technology. The iPhone 8 contains a lower-power VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) pointing backward and another higher-powered VCSEL facing forward. Also Xiaomi Mi 8 is used VCSEL technology Apart from phones, VSCEL is being incorporated in various other applications including computer mice, automotive LiDAR systems and data communications.Most promising growth for VCSEL technology is expected in depth sensing market for the smartphones industry. Along with VCSELs, another emerging technology in the consumer space is LiDAR. USA is now focusing towards increasing spaces of new laser technologies such as LiDAR, VCSEL, VR/AR and others which will help the country to penetrate more in the global laser market.

Competitive Analysis of VCSEL provider

The major players in the global VCSEL competitive landscape includes, Lumentum, Hamamatsu, Princeton Optronics, Vixar (acquired by OSRAM), Philips Photonics and few others. 3D camera modules market employing lasers as a key ingredient is expected to touch $6 billion benchmark by 2022 thus backing the growth of laser market. Companies like Trumpf and IPG Photonics have witnessed revenue growth coming from material processing and 3D application sectors. Increasing demand for smartphones worldwide is also driving the laser market.

Conclusion: laser applications including LiDAR, VCSEL, and AR/VR are in demand and boosting the demand for laser technology in varied domains of manufacturing, automotive, medical, aerospace, military and defense, telecommunications, electronics, and other consumer goods.

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