Top Companies Artificial Blood Substitutes Market

Top Artificial Blood Substitutes Companies

Artificial Blood Substitutes is an alternate technique for blood transfusion. Blood substitutes are expected to have an oxygen-carrying capacity similar or exceeding to biological blood and should be capable of blood volume expansion inside the human body. Blood substitutes being currently researched and developed cannot imitate all the properties of blood. Their primary purpose is to mimic the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and augment blood volume.

Blood pharming techniques are also being actively pursued by scientists worldwide for developing human RBCs from donor blood stem cells. Several biotech firms are investing resources to utilize the longevity of laboratory gown cells.

Several pharmaceutical companies are investing significantly in the development of new products to replace donor blood. While the view of the industry is not to replace human blood, blood substitutes are a key to reduce trauma deaths by buying vital time for patients to get to the hospital and receive a blood transfusion.

Key players are endeavoring to win a significant share of the market through new production methodologies, front-line advancements, and new items. Companies have developed business strategies to commercialize their products based on the blood demand for various countries. Some of the key players have been deliberated below-

  1. Active Molecules’ Park Competence Alliance (PAM).
  2. Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.
  3. Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
  4. Fluoro2 Therapeutics, Inc
  5. Hbo2 Therapeutics Llc.
  6. Hemarina Sa.
  7. Hemobiotech Inc.
  8. Kalocyte Inc..
  9. Northfield Laboratories Inc.
  10. Nuvox Pharma Llc.
  11. Opk Biotech, Llc.
  12. Prolong Pharmaceuticals, Llc
  13. Sangart, Inc.
  14. Sanguine Corporation
  15. Spheritech
  16. Tenax Therapeutics Inc..
  17. Terumo Corporation.
  18. Therapure Biopharma Inc.

Researchers believe new blood substitutes need to prove efficacy and safety in one application area which will drive investments and approvals in other applications as well. Researchers are collaborating with companies active in the artificial blood substitutes market to develop a products that not only meet the need for oxygen carriers but also serve therapeutic purposes.

Companies have identified significant blood transfusion requirements for cases of injury, surgeries, maternal hemorrhage, and other unexpected blood loss scenarios. Also, artificial oxygen carriers are also being developed to meet the requirements of therapeutic applications.

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