Cannabis Market Report and Patent Landscape Analysis – 2025

Cannabis Market Report
Market Growth Opportunities, Forecast and Business Insights
Patent Landscape Analysis
Emerging Technological Innovation, Key Assignees and IP Insights
Industry Growth Analysis
Market Potential, Trend Analysis and Market Drivers
Market Dynamics and Forecast
Strategic partnerships, Competition, Growth Strategies
  • The global markets for Cannabis were estimated at $14.5 billion in 2018. It is expected to reach $107.67 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 33.17 percent
  • With a seven-year CAGR of 26.92 percent, the North America market is predicted to continue dominating the global markets
  • Abbvie Inc holds the largest patent portfolio in cannabis technology with 216 IP assets
  • The most researched product type is marijuana-infused products with 5659 patents


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Cannabis Market Report and Patent Landscape Analysis – 2025 by Applications (Medicinal and Recreational), by Product Types ( Dried Flowers, Concentrates and other infused products like edibles, topical, beverages), by Regional Segmentation (North America, South America, Europe, the Rest of World (RoW)), by Patent Activities (Leading Patent Players, Technical Analysis Of Patent Landscape, Patent Licensing, Academic and Corporate Collaborations), Global Forecast – 2025

Executive Summary

The cannabis industry is evolving out of the black market and is transforming into a conventional economic juggernaut. Cannabis is a fast-growing area in medical as well as the recreational market. The benefits of the Cannabis plant are now translating in diverse fields of medical research, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and tobacco. The global market for Cannabis technology was estimated at $14.5 billion in 2018 which is projected to grow exponentially at a CAGR of 33.17 percent and attain a market value of $107.67 billion by 2025.

Cannabis Market Report
Big companies like Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth Corporation, Tilray Inc., Scotts Miracle-Gro, GW Pharmaceuticals, Cronos Group, Aphria, Hexo, CannTrust, and Green Organic Dutchman have established their ground in the cannabis market and exploring novel techniques to evolve drug development processes to devise treatments for various diseases and symptoms. Along with thousands of research laboratories working on different cannabis-based drugs globally, significant players in the field of cannabis also include alcohol and tobacco companies that have added marijuana to their product portfolio and forming strategic alliances with crucial cannabis technology companies to develop new edibles and beverages for recreational use.

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Regional Analysis

Regional-based market segments include North America, South America, Europe, the Rest of World (RoW). The North American market is expected to account for the largest share of the Cannabis market owing to the raised awareness about the benefits associated with cannabis, early legalization of medical as well recreational marijuana in Canada, medical cannabis in 33 states in America and recreational marijuana in 10 states of USA. Europe is expected to be the second leading market with increasing government support for research activities, expected legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes in the coming years, and the supportive regulatory environment. In 2018, the European market was slightly larger than the South American market (4.12 percent vs. 3.65 percent), but in 2025, Europe is expected to gain a larger market share, and South America will assume the third position in the global markets with 16.54 percent lower market share than the European market. The need to provide innovative therapies and drugs for treating various diseases as well as the favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of cannabis is driving the Cannabis market in the South American region. Australia in the Rest of the World (RoW) market is becoming the hub for cultivation and production of medical cannabis in Southern hemisphere. Spectrum Cannabis Australia, a subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation has invested $16 million for establishing its Asia-Pacific R&D headquarters in Victoria, Australia.

Application Segments Analysis

Medicinal Application Analysis

Cannabis landscape has two application segments: Medicinal and Recreational. The two major cannabis plant types, Indica and Sativa, can be used in manufacturing medicines that have different kinds of effects when exposed to the human body. All the cannabinoids are calculated to produce a specific drug to treat a disease or condition. Cannabis is a safer form of treatment with lesser risks of side effects as compared to other treatment options for numerous ailments like multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, spinal cord disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, epilepsy, Inflammatory bowel disease, insomnia and many more. It can also be used along with other forms of treatment to enhance their efficiency. The global medical cannabis market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 22.84 percent over a period of seven years from 2018 to 2025. The most common use of medical cannabis is for chronic pain control. Globally, more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain, the prevalence of which increases with age. Numerous preclinical and clinical trials with cannabis and its extracts are also being conducted by scientists across the world to treat symptoms of other illnesses and conditions. In 2016, nearly 1.5 million people were suffering from AIDS in North America, and more than 1.7 million patients with cancer are presently being diagnosed in the USA alone, which shows the tremendous potential market for medical cannabis. European medical cannabis application segment will grow at the fastest CAGR among all the regions at a rate of 57.82 percent. With the local and emerging market players, Europe is expected to contribute a significant revenue share with the highest growth rate over the forecast period.

Recreational Application Analysis

Recreational application segment will spearhead the growth owing to the easier accessibility and lower costs as compared to medical cannabis as well as the strict regulations regarding the use of medical cannabis. While a vast range of ailments and conditions can be treated with the use of medical cannabis, recreational cannabis can be used as an alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Recreational cannabis is often used for its THC content which causes psychoactive effects in the body of an individual. It is expected to be widely used in the coming years as an alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Legalization of recreational cannabis will create a substantial economic opportunity in the economy, instead of the illegal market. As a result, there will be a significant increase in the number of new jobs creation and law enforcement resources will be used in a better way in order to ensure public safety and reduce court costs.

Cannabis Technology Patent Landscape Analysis.

Marijuana has become one of the fastest growing products in the consumer-packaged goods industry owing to the rapid legalization and is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the forecasted period. Similar trends are being witnessed in the patent landscape. China has the highest number of registered patents in the cannabis landscape followed by the USA. Commercial companies dominate cannabis patent landscape over universities and research institutes. Out of the top 15 patent owners in the Cannabis patent space, companies represent approximately 55 percent whereas 45.17 percent of the patent activity is originating from academic applicants including universities, research institutes, hospitals, and government research wings and individuals. US and Chinese academic institutions are actively pursuing research activities in Cannabis domain.

Cannabis Market and Patent Landscape Report till 2025
Data from 2017 is not complete as a patent publication is delayed by a period of 18 months.

Market Observation

Increasing Public and Private Investment for Research

Keen investors are awaiting the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in various countries across the world. Large investment in R&D of safer forms of consumption of marijuana is expected to drive the overall global cannabis market. In the fourth quarter of 2018, $7.9 billion capital was raised globally by the cannabis companies. MJardin Group, Inc, a leader in cannabis management, recently announced its first cannabis research investment to fund studies on the benefits of cannabinoids in treatment of epilepsy and schizophrenia. Canopy Growth received a huge investment of $4 billion from alcoholic beverage giant, Constellation Brands in August 2018 increasing its stake in the company to 38 percent.

Businesses are looking to bolster their fortunes in 2019 through the development of new cannabis- based products in the form of food, beverages, oils, bath bombs, tinctures, etc. Breakthroughs in the discovery of new products, such as cannabis oils and edibles, have boosted efficiency, safety, and adoption by consumers.

The Illegal Cannabis Products Market remains in Competition with the Legal Market.

Cannabis for recreational use has been bred for the black market for many decades, due to which, the illegal drug production and distribution system is widely and deeply entrenched, strongly globalized, and highly sophisticated. The traffickers are resourceful and capable of adjusting to the changes in the market, which includes competition with the legal cannabis market.

Concentrates Product Type garnering more interest than Dried Flowers

Product wise, the cannabis market has been segmented into dried flowers, concentrates, and other infused products like edibles, topical, beverages, etc. In recent years, there has been a considerable shift of consumers from the dried cannabis flowers to cannabis concentrates which is expected to continue in the upcoming years. The accessibility and affordability of various devices and different concentrate products have fueled the demand for the concentrates based medical as recreational products quite significantly. Due to high-cost recreational products and lengthy procedures involved in buying medical cannabis, other infused products market is expected to have the lowest market share in the initial years but it is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR, and over time, it might even overtake the dried flowers cannabis market. The most rapidly growing variety of the other infused products is expected to be edibles.

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Table of Content

About Ahead Intel (Page no.-8)

Disclaimer (Page no.-9)

Executive Summary (Page no.-10)

1. Introduction (Page no.-13)

1.1 Reasons For The Study

1.2 Study Goals And Objectives

1.3 Scope Of The Report

1.4 Methodology And Information Sources

1.5 Intended Audience

2. Business Landscape And Forecast (Page no.-17)

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2.1 Introduction To Cannabis

2.2 Historical Events In Cannabis Technology

2.3 Compounds Of Cannabis

2.4 Cannabis Market Overview

2.4.1 Major Players

2.4.2 Distribution Of Companies By Region

2.4.3 Legality Status Of Cannabis In Different Countries

2.4.4 Market Overview By Region

2.4.5 Porter’s Market Analysis

2.5 Market Drivers

2.5.1 Increasing Legalization Of Cannabis

2.5.2 Medicinal Properties Of Cannabis Driving Cannabis-Based Prescriptions

2.5.3 Increasing Public And Private Investment For Research

2.5.4 Development Of Newer Products And Methods Of Infusion

2.6 Market Restraints

2.6.1 Illegal Market In Various Countries

2.6.2 Strict Regulations Against Usage Of Cannabis Along With Stricter Production Norms

2.6.3 Strong Competition With Conventional Treatment and Traditional Drugs

2.7 Cannabis Market Segmentation By Product Type

2.7.1 Dried Flowers Products

2.7.2 Concentrates Products

2.7.3 Other Infused Products

2.7.4 Consumption Methods

2.8 Cannabis Market Segmentation By Application

2.8.1 Introduction

2.8.2 Medical Cannabis Market: Trend Analysis and Forecasts

2.8.3 Recreational Cannabis Market: Trend Analysis and Forecasts

2.9 Cannabis Market Segmentation By Region

2.9.1 North America – Recreational Use Legalization Expected To Drive The Growth

2.9.2 South America – Competitive Workforce and Abundance Of Natural Resources Driving Cannabis Cultivation

2.9.3 Europe- Potentially The Biggest Market For Legalized Cannabis

2.9.4 Rest of the World (RoW) – Israel Driving Cannabis Research and Australia Spearheading In Medical Cannabis

3. Competitive Landscape And Opportunities (Page no.-116)

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3.1 Competitive Environment

3.2 Value Chain Analysis

3.3 Growth Strategies

3.3.1 Mergers And Acquisitions

3.3.2 Strategic Alliances And Joint Ventures

3.3.3 Innovation Startups

3.3.4 Academic And Corporate Collaborations

3.3.5 Venture Capital Funding

4. Active companies (Page no.-132)

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4.1 Aurora Cannabis Inc.

4.2 Canopy Growth Corporation

4.3 Medmen Enterprises

4.4 Tilary Inc.

4.5 Aphria Inc.

4.6 AbbVie Inc.

4.7 GW Pharmaceuticals PLC

4.8 AusCann Group Holdings Ltd

4.9 Holigen

4.10 InterCure Ltd

4.11 Wayland Group Corp

4.12 Scotts-Miracle Gro

4.13 Cronos Group, Inc.

4.14 Hexo Corporation

4.15 The Green Organic Dutchman

4.16 Cann Group

4.17 Canopy Rivers

4.18 CannTrust Holdings Inc

5. Innovation Landscape (Page no.-152)

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5.1 Introduction

5.2 Search Strategy

5.3 Categories and CPC Classification

5.4 How Is The Innovation Activity Trend?

5.5 What Are The Key Grant Timelines?

5.6 Who Are The Leading Players?

5.6.1 Who Is Making A Substantial Investment In The Technology?

5.6.2 Who Are The Key Inventors In The Domain?

5.6.3 Who Is More Active? Academia Or Corporate?

5.6.4 Are There Collaboration Networks?

5.7 Which Are The Current Technological Focus Areas?

5.8 Which Application Area Will Drive R&D Market?

5.9 Which Product Type Is Gaining Momentum?

5.10 Which Variety Is Being Researched More?

5.11 Which Compound Market Of Cannabis Is Growing?

5.12 Which Are The Key Geographies For Setting Up Innovation Centers?

5.13 Which Geographies Are Touted As Investment Goldmines?

5.14 Litigation Issues Related To Cannabis

6. Appendix (Page no.-188)

6.1 Acronyms And Abbreviations

6.2 Analyst Profile

Table of Tables

Table 1 Timeline For Development Of Cannabis Technology

Table 2 Companies With Commercial Interest In Cannabis

Table 3 Distribution Of Companies With Cannabis-Related Businesses By Region, As Of February 2019

Table 4 Legality Status Of Cannabis In Different Countries, As of February 2019

Table 5 Global Markets For Cannabis, Through 2025

Table 6 Global Market For Cannabis By Product Type, Through 2025

Table 7 Global Market For Cannabis By Flower Product Type, Through 2025

Table 8 Global Market For Cannabis By Concentrates Product Type, Through 2025

Table 9 Global Market For Cannabis By Other Infused Product Type, Through 2025

Table 10 Spinal Cord Disease Related Strains And Effects Of Cannabis

Table 11 ALS Related Symptoms And Cannabis Effects

Table 12 Global Markets For Cannabis By Medical Application, Through 2025 (In $ Billion)

Table 13 Global Markets For Cannabis By Recreational Application, Through 2025 (In $ Billion)

Table 14 List Of Countries

Table 15 Key Facts Affecting The Cannabis Market In North America

Table 16 Recent Cannabis Related Activities In Canada

Table 17 North American Markets For Cannabis, By Application Segment, 2018-2025

Table 18 Key Facts Affecting The Cannabis Market in South America

Table 19 South American for cannabis, by application segment, 2018-2025

Table 20 Key Facts Affecting The Cannabis Market In Europe

Table 21 Market Values Based On Statutory Health Insurance Coverage For Different Categories In Germany

Table 22 European Markets For Cannabis, By Application Segment, 2018-2025 (In $ Billion)

Table 23 Row Markets For Cannabis, By Application Segment, 2018-2025

Table 24 Cannabis-Related Recent Mergers And Acquisitions

Table 25 Innovative Cannabis Startups

Table 26 Grant Timelines In Cannabis Landscape

Table 27 patent categories for cannabis landscape

Table 28 The Patent Portfolio Of Top 15 Companies Across Application Segmentation

Table 29 Level 2 And Level 3 Product Type Categories With The Number Of Patents

Table 30 Patent Portfolio Of Top 15 Companies Across Level 2 And Level 3 Product Type Segmentation

Table 31 Level 2 Varieties With The Number Of Patents

Table 32 Patent Portfolio Of Top 15 Companies Across Level 2 Varieties Segmentation

Table 33 Level 2 Variety Categories With The Number Of Patents

Table 34 Patent Portfolio Of Top Companies Across Level 2 Variety Segmentation

Table 35 Patent Portfolio Of Top Companies Across Level 2 Variety Segmentation

Table 36 Number And Evolution Of Patent Families Per Office Of First Filling

Table 37 Number And Evolution Of Patent Families Per Office Of First Filling

Table of Figures

Figure 1 Distribution Of Companies With Cannabis Businesses By Region, As of February 2019

Figure 2 Medical Cannabis Legality Map, As of February 2019

Figure 3 Recreational Cannabis Legality Map, As of February 2019

Figure 4 Global Markets For Cannabis, 2018-2025 (In $ Billion)

Figure 5 Global Markets For Cannabis By Region, 2018-2025 (In $ Billion)

Figure 6 Global Cannabis Market Share By Region, 2018 (Percentage)

Figure 7 Global Cannabis Market Share By Region, 2025 (Percentage)

Figure 8 Cannabis Porter’s Market Analysis

Figure 9 Cannabis Market Segmentation By Product Type

Figure 10 Global Markets For Cannabis By Product Type, Through 2025

Figure 11 Cannabis Flower Production, Through 2025 (In Million Pounds)

Figure 12 Global Cannabis Market By Product Types 2018 (Percentage)

Figure 13 Global Cannabis Market By Product Types 2025 (Percentage)

Figure 14 Global Markets For Cannabis By Flowers Product Type, Through 2025

Figure 15 Global Markets For Cannabis By Concentrates Product Type, Through 2025

Figure 16 Global Markets For Cannabis By Other Infused Product Type, Through 2025

Figure 17 Global Markets For Cannabis By Medical Application, Through 2025 (In $ Billion)

Figure 18 Global Markets For Cannabis By Recreational Application, Through 2025

Figure 19 Cannabis Value Chain Analysis

Figure 20 Venture Capital Funding Trend In The Global Cannabis Market

Figure 21 Schematic Diagram To Represent Key Steps In Patent Analysis Process

Figure 22 Thematic Concept Map For Cannabis

Figure 23 Top 10 CPC Classification Categories For Cannabis Landscape

Figure 24 Global Cannabis Patenting Activity Trend

Figure 25 Top 20 Patent Owners In The Cannabis Patent Landscape

Figure 26 Top 20 Inventors In The Cannabis Patent Landscape

Figure 27 Analysis Of The Patent Applicant Profile

Figure 28 Collaboration Networks-Co-Assignment

Figure 29 Global Cannabis Patenting Trends Based On Application Areas (2000-2018)

Figure 30 Major Offices Of First Filings Linked To Their Region

Figure 31 Geographic Map Of R&D In The Field Of Cannabis Technology

Figure 32 Geographic Map Of Market Opportunities In Cannabis Technology

Figure 33 Representation Of Market Opportunities From Cannabis Patent Landscape

Analyst Review

The cannabis research study aims at analyzing the current market dynamics and prospective future developments to present an accurate business and patent landscape for Cannabis technology. This report focuses on the legal cannabis including its technology, market, and patent landscape. The cannabis market is further segmented by applications into medical and recreational; by products into flowers, concentrates and other infused products; and by regional segmentation into North America, South America, Europe and Rest of World (RoW). The report forecasts the sizes and trends of the global market as well as its sub-segments for the period 2018 to 2025. The report focuses on critical market segments to identify the key market and technology trends. Market driving factors and constraints have been considered to estimate global Cannabis market potential. Patent trends have been presented in detail to understand the research and development activities happening around the world over the years. The report will also present a competitive landscape focusing on active players in the industry, growth strategies, strategic imperatives and detailed profiling of critical companies.

Cannabis has applicability not just in the recreational field but has also shown effective results in the medical segment. It is primarily based on the different types of compounds found in the plant. Along with thousands of research laboratories working on Cannabis globally, significant market players in the field of medicine and healthcare as well as alcohol and tobacco have added cannabis to their product portfolio or provide different types of facilities and products like tablets, vapes, tinctures, beverages, etc. Cannabis is a revolutionary discovery whose effectiveness and ease of use has fast-tracked innovations beyond traditional industries. It has served as the foundation of many startup companies to flourish commercially like Acreage Holdings, Caliva, Eaze, Hound Labs, Syqe, Canndescent, Green Bits, Baker, and Seedo Crop. The cannabis landscape is inundated with strategic partnerships which have become a core component of growth strategies being employed by several core cannabis, healthcare, pharmaceutical as well as tobacco and alcohol companies. The growing potential of Cannabis is additionally reflected in the exponential increase in its federal research funding and scientific publications. The total value of venture funding in cannabis across the world stood at just under $378 million in 2017 which more than doubled to almost $881 million by the end of 2018.

Patient groups and research projects have supported medical cannabis conversation. It is because of this, many cannabis companies in Canada and the pharmaceutical giants in the United States have now started to pay attention to Europe. Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, and Greece will be the harbingers in medical production. Northern and Western European nations have created stringent pharmaceutical grade standards for their production facilities. It is, however, going to support the development of quality processes and production standards. Cannabis industry giant like Tilray and Canopy Growth are targeting Germany, Italy, Portugal, and the U.K. to establish a firm footing in the region. CBD products is a thriving market in Europe with margins far more than THC based products in North American markets.

The industry not only offers market space in cultivation, production, manufacturing, and retail but also is witnessing the growth of several companies in AgTech, biotechnology, consumption devices, software firms, as well as investing and finance. The industry is witnessing consolidation with several acquisitions and mergers happening across the globe with top 15-20 brands enjoying the majority share. Multistate operators are undertaking large M&A transactions to scale their operations and lower the cost of capital. CBD from industrial hemp industry is garnering significant M&A interest and may be acquired by mainstream companies. Companies in edible space are laying down their strategic positioning and identifying core consumer base to hit the market and avoid extensive competition. Niche products industries like accessories and consumption device companies such as High Tide, PAX Labs, JUUL Labs are booming with the legalization of the recreational cannabis market.

Pharmaceutical companies have made rapid investments in the cannabis space. UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals is developing cannabis-based drugs such as Sativex, for treatment of multiple sclerosis, and USFDA approved Epidolex. Johnson and Johnson even though not upfront investing in marijuana, has recently collaborated with two Canadian marijuana firms, Avicanna and Vapium Medical, to give access to its Canadian JLABS Innovation network, hinting at possible investment in the future.

The cannabis landscape is also garnering significant interest from technology firms like HP and Microsoft. Cannabis ancillary companies like Kind Financial and Flowhub dealing with sales tracking and point of sale software have partnered with the tech giants for designing newer software for tracking purposes.

Even with the huge potential of the technology, benefits realization is still at its initial stage owing to the social stigma and legalization issues in most of the countries. Leading players should endeavor to assist the global governments to develop standardized regulatory norms to ensure appropriate advancement of this ground-breaking technology further

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Companies Profiled

List of companies profiled in the report.

  • Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Medmen Enterprises
  • Tilary Inc.
  • Aphria Inc.
  • AbbVie Inc.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals PLC
  • AusCann Group Holdings Ltd
  • Holigen
  • InterCure Ltd
  • Wayland Group Corp
  • Scotts-Miracle Gro
  • Cronos Group, Inc.
  • Hexo Corporation
  • The Green Organic Dutchman
  • Cann Group
  • Canopy Rivers
  • Cannabis Industry Growth Analysis
  • CannTrust Holdings Inc.

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