applications of quantum dots

Applications of quantum dots

Quantum Dots is a vastly researched area in Nanotechnology. The applications are mainly categorized into following broad categories:

  • Displays
  • Solar Cell
  • Photodetectors / Sensors
  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Quantum computing

High Volume applications

High volume applications of QDs are display devices, solid-state lighting, diagnostic probes, smartphone camera sensors, biosensors, drug delivery, fluorescent reporters, infrared imaging, photovoltaics and counterfeit detection.

Low Volume Applications

Some other low volume applications benefitting from these unique optoelectronic properties include QD lasers, photo electrochemical sensors, image sensors, transistors, ultrafast all-optical switches, logic gates, defense applications, and quantum computing. Applications such as imaging and biosensors require minute size particles for easy passage inside the body and QDs are the most appropriate candidates for such applications.

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