Leading Companies in Cannabis Market

Leading Companies in Cannabis Market

Cannabis is a groundbreaking technology whose effectiveness and ease of use has fast-tracked innovation beyond traditional industries. It is a fast-growing area in medical as well as the recreational market. The benefits of the Cannabis plant are now translating in diverse fields of medical research, pharmaceuticals. Cannabis technology is significantly essential to the pharma and healthcare as well as tobacco and alcohol industry.

Along with thousands of research laboratories working on various Cannabis-based drugs globally, significant players in the field of Cannabis also include alcohol and tobacco companies that have added Cannabis to their product portfolio and forming strategic alliances with crucial Cannabis technology companies to develop new edibles and beverages for recreational use.

Leading companies in cannabis market involved in production and trade of cannabis and cannabis-based products are focusing on standardizing their products, as well as getting intellectual property rights for their products. Genetic advances in cannabis research is also expected to change the dynamics of the current cannabis market.

Some leading companies have established their ground in cannabis market and exploring novel techniques to evolve drug development processes to devise treatments for various diseases and symptoms. The list of companies leading the Cannabis sector changed dramatically in 2018. Large consumer products firms are making significant investments to buy their way into the market for Cannabis products. In the year 2018, leading Cannabis companies have received over $500 million in venture capital investments. Various Cannabis companies in the concentrates market are expanding production by plant equipment acquisitions as well as acquiring innovative assets.

Below are the lists of leading companies in cannabis market with a commercial interest in Cannabis technology, including those that provide Cannabis based custom services for the consumers:

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc
  2. Canopy Growth Corporation
  3. Medmen Enterprises
  4. Tilary Inc.
  5. Aphria Inc.
  6. AbbVie Inc.
  7. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC
  8. AusCann Group Holdings Ltd
  9. Holigen
  10. InterCure Ltd
  11. Wayland Group Corp
  12. Scotts-Miracle Gro
  13. Cronos Group, Inc.
  14. Hexo Corporation
  15. The Green Organic Dutchman
  16. Cann Group
  17. Canopy Rivers
  18. CannTrust Holdings Inc

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