Leading Companies in Biofortification Market

leading companies biofortification

As the biofortification technology is in its nascent stage, new crop varieties such as cereals, legumes, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits and others are being identified. Several leading companies in biofortification market have the opportunity of benefiting from the rising need and demand for better agricultural production. Companies like Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, and DowDuPont are majorly focusing on increasing their market presence by expansions, acquisitions, and developing consumer-specific products as per their preferences. These companies have a strong market presence in the Africa and APAC regions. They have also set up research labs in several regions with strong distribution networks. Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions to industries across the world.

Large companies like Syngenta AG, The Mauro Seed Company, BASF SE, DowDuPont etc. have skill in the biofortification game exploring novel techniques to evolve their businesses in a range of fields. They are forming strategic alliances with crucial companies like, Intrexon Corporation, LemnaTec GMBH, Bayer AG, and Church & Dwight Co to devise biofortified crops for various mass consumption.

Biofortification Market Report and Patent Landscape Analysis provide in-depth analysis of the global biofortification market, forecasts, and key players are intended to aid the researchers in understanding global opportunities in this space. It shows immediate and comprehensive market and patent information and analysis for existing players to diversify and new players to invest in this technology.

The following are leading players in biofortification market industry to present the current biofortification market, emerging technology trends, key benefits of the technology and business strategy imperatives for investment in this technology.

  1. Syngenta AG
  2. The Mauro Seed Company
  3. DowDuPont
  4. Intrexon Corporation
  5. LemnaTec GMBH
  6. Bayer AG
  7. Church & Dwight Co.

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