Laser Technology Market Report Infographics

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Laser Technology Market Infographics

Laser Technology Market Report Infographics

  • The global market for Laser Technology in the year 2018 was $12.95 billion and is projected to grow to $17.97 billion in 2025 with CAGR of 4.78 percent
  • Fiber Laser is projected to grow from $3.82 billion in 2018 to $6.68 billion in 2025 with a CAGR of 8.32 percent
  • New promising applications are emerging from core laser applications such as LiDAR, VCSEL, and AR/VR. These are boosting the demand for Laser Technologies
  • The most significant players in the field of laser technology include Coherent Inc., Trumpf GmbH, IPG Photonics Corporation, Lumentum Holdings Inc, Jenoptik AG, Han’s Laser Technology, Novanta Inc, Lumibird Group, DPSS Laser Inc., Bystronic Inc, Amplitude Systemes S.A, EKSPLA
  • 29,990 inventions have applied during the period 2014 to 2019 shows a high level of R&D Investments being done in Laser Technologies
  • Mitsubishi Group has the biggest portfolio for Laser Technologies with more than 600 patents registered in this domain
  • Japan has the maximum emerging research with 8946 patents files inventions
  • 75 percent of innovations focuses on industrial applications
  • USA is one of the largest markets for Laser Technology and has the maximum number of laser-related companies
  • Laser Technology Market, by Product Type include Fiber Laser , CO2 Laser, Solid State Laser,X-Ray Laser, Dye Laser, Excimer Laser, Chemical Laser, Helium-Neon (He-Ne) Laser, And Argon Laser
  • Laser Technology Market, by End User include Industrial Domain, Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Medicine, Defense and Aerospace, Electronics and Research
  • Laser Technology Market, by Patent Activities include Patent Assignees, Inventors Analysis, Academic and Corporate Collaborations, Application, Product Analysis and Patent Litigation and Licensing

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