How Vitamin Deficiency Can Overcome By Biofortification

vitamin deficiency

More than 2 billion people in the world are currently suffering from ‘hidden hunger’. Hidden hunger is referred to the condition when an individual appears healthy but their diet is low on vitamins and nutrients, making them vulnerable to several diseases and illnesses like stunted growth, reduced cognitive development and blindness.

Vitamin A deficiency leads to growth impairment, increases risks of various infections like diarrhoeal diseases and causes eye damage with leads to blindness. About 190 million preschool children suffer from deficiency of Vitamin A. Iron deficiency increases the risk of women dying during childbirth, impairs the learning capacity and cognitive development, and increases weakness and fatigue. Anaemia is currently estimated to affect over 800 million children and women globally. Iron-deficient diets are a prime cause of anaemia is several developing countries. Deficiency of zinc increases the risk of diarrheal diseases as well as respiratory infections, lowers immunity and contributes stunting and appetite loss. Due to its high nutritional characteristics, zinc is the agricultural micronutrient that is most widely added globally.

Overcome Vitamin Deficiency by Biofortification shows health effect of vitamin deficiency, global impact of malnutrition and way to overcome it. As biofortification is the breeding of nutritious plants, which industry experts consider much cheaper than the addition of micronutrients in the foods that are already processed. Biofortification also acts as a prime strategy for the enhancement of proportion of micronutrients in staple foods and minimize the micronutrient deficiencies in the consumers. As per the agriculturists and nutritionists, it is a smart way of fighting malnutrition. Biofortification recognize the naturally nutritious varieties with high iron, zinc and vitamin A content.

Biofortification can be used to present a way of reaching population where supplementation and conventional fortification activities are limited and difficult to implement. As per the consultative group for international agricultural research, approximately two billion people in the developing countries are suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies causing frequent and serious sickness which can also lead to death, impaired cognitive abilities, constrained work performance, stunting, and blindness, all of which result in the reduction of economic growth and prolonged and widespread poverty. Additionally, according to WHO in 2018, the malnutrition burden is too high and the progress is too slow. Malnutrition is the reason for more ill health than any other cause across the world. 150.8 million children below five years of age are stunted, 38.3 million are overweight, and 50.5 million are wasted. Today biofortified foods have resulted in the improvement of lives of over 30 million people in more than 60 countries.

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