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Our reports cover all facets required to make business decisions on a technology

  • Most market analysis reports ignore patents but we combine market and patent research to give the complete picture


We are not another syndicated research report provider

  • All reports here are not available elsewhere and we don’t dress our reports with false claims


All reports include IP dashboards that give you the means to get more answers

  • These custom curated dashboards are kept updated and reflect latest trends and information

Keep track of the technology you are in

Detailed research data, market
and patent information along with analysis.

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New reports on the latest technologies
are being added continuously. .

Award winning dashboard and well-structured Reports in a bundled environment

Regularly updated patent data to monitor actions of interest as they happen in real time

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Our IP dashboards help you get answers to any custom insights that are not covered in the report. We go a step further and keep you updated with the latest developments and new patent filings in your area of interest.

Market Research

Products, Players, Market Overview and forecast

Patent Intelligence

Technology trends and insights

Get the Complete Picture

AheadIntel gives equal consideration to Market, Company and Innovation Intelligence so that you can get the complete picture.
Company Intelligence

Who are the significant players / their subsidiaries and what research they are doing? What is working for them and what is not?

Market Intelligence

What is the size of market and what is the estimated growth for next 10 years? What are the segments in the market and how are these segments growing?

Innovation Intelligence

How is the market segmented patent wise? Who holds key portfolios? Who are the new entrants and what is their pace of innovation?

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